Welcome to Silver Spring International Middle School! We have a community of approximately 1150 students and are lucky to be one of the most diverse school communities in the county.

The PTSA is an important and energetic part of the SSIMS community. We’re committed to supporting every student, teacher and staff member at our school so that all students have what they need to thrive and succeed.

We hope that you will embrace this wonderful community and that you will share your time and talents with our students, teachers, and staff. We guarantee you that your assistance will have huge rewards for the students and that you will find tremendous satisfaction in helping at SSIMS.

Each of you has a unique set of skills and expertise to share and your talents can play an important part in making SSIMS the best school in the county!

PTSA Leadership:
PTSA Co-President Diane Kelleher (diane.kelleher@gmail.com)
PTSA Co-President Margy O'herron (moherron@msn.com)
PTSA Treasurer Makiko Murotani (treasurer@ssimsptsa.org)
PTSA Secretary, Marisa Osorio (marisaosoriocolon@gmail.com)
PTSA Executive Vice President Nancye Bonomo (nmcbonomo@gmail.com)
PTSA 6th grade VP, Kirsten Murray (kirsten_m_murray@yahoo.com)
PTSA 7th grade VPs, Donna Case (donnakcase@gmail.com) and Kristin Noyes (kmpnoyes@gmail.com)
PTSA 8h grade VPs, Jenel Wyatt (jenel_wyatt@yahoo.com) and Kathleen Isaacson (k.isaacson88@gmail.com)
NAACP Committee:
Deidra Starnes (2bedestar@gmail.com)
Mia Bunyum (miabynum@gmail.com)
Rosemary McClosky (roeroemccloskey@gmail.com)
Staff Appreciation, Mindy Kassarabba, (mindykassaraba@verizon.net)