The JAG JOG IS COMING . . .NOVEMBER 17 (an MCPS half-day)



The Jag Jog is a Fun Run for the whole school and a fundraiser for the PTA. It’s school-wide event and every student who is able to roll, walk or run in the Jag Jog is encouraged to participate.  As a bonus, our students will “jog” through colors and go home with a colorful, festive T-shirt.  Last year, our SSIMS community helped us raise $20,000, which led to the Taping of Ms. Bryant (photographed on the left).  We're planning something equally fun for Ms. Bryant this year, and our goal now is $25,000!


Our students will seek pledges from family, friends, and neighbors either as a pledge per lap (e.g., $4.00 a lap) or a flat amount for the whole race (e.g., $25). We know there may be some children whose families and friends are not able to pledge money for the Jag Jog, and that’s OK — everyone participates in the way they are able. It is also a great community event for students, teachers, and administrators— and, of course, parents and family members who are able to come out and cheer on the kids on a Friday afternoon. We are also seeking sponsorships from local businesses and organizations.




10/30-11/8 – SSIMS Outdoor Ed (6th graders only)

11/9 7PM SSIMS PTSA Board Meeting (SSIMS Conference Room)


Diane Kelleher and Margy O’Herron

2017-2018 SSIMS PTSA co-presidents



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2017-2018 SSIMS PTSA Officers


Diane Kelleher (
Margy O'Herron (
Executive Vice President
Nancye Bonomo (
Makiko Muortani (
8th grade VPs
Kathleen Isaacson (
Jenel Wyatt (
7th grade VPs
Kristin Noyes (
6th grade VP
2017-2018 SSIMS PTSA Committee Chairs
Staff Appreciation
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Rosemary McCloskey (
Alcance a la Communidad Latina (Latino Outreach)
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